Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shoutbox and comments

Arrrgggh, the shout out box limits what I nak menyenyeh. So I'm cutting and pasting my replies here.

lily: did you combine the wedding? macam meriah gitu.. best kan.
No sayang, its only my side. My family jenis kecoh, 3 orong dalam bilik mcm 13 orang. And my aunties invited alot of our distant relatives. They even invited their members members. Mak pengantin kelurakan card 80 jer, makcik makcik pengantin keluarkan card 200. So imagine the madness.

Bloghopper: Hi, Can check with your aunt where she get the easel and how much? Please..
Hello dear, oh that easel was actually left behind by a decor company when my cousin got married, 5 years ago. Bila nak kasi balik the deco people say that they have took back their easel. So my auntie say OK and gantung her cucu's picture in her room. Hahaha. Oh but you can get the eisel from Art Friends.

lily: darling, you pakai photographer ape untuk your wedding?
Lily, my photographers are my husband's frens. So we managed to save a lot on that. 3 orang amik gambar. All pictures were then send to one guy, that one guy filter and choose 300 of the best pictures, then he edit here and there. Prints semua kita print at snap fish. Super cheap. Wedding albums we got it online.

syaz: hi love. i nk tnya sikit, how much did u spnd on ur wedding? my big day is next year & im really stressing on the amt that i will b spndg. thnk u.
Ohhhhh duit lah rambut I hampir botak. Hahaha... tak lah, masih ader rambut lagi. I start saving very late. So lagi setahun nak kawin I ikat perut habis punya, no holiday, no shopping mall, no online shopping except kalau nak beli wedding stuffs.

The main bulk of the cost is the catering, but we had good deal with Farah Diana, ada promo, and my parents help alot with the catering cost.

Deco, mak andam, berkat, sri gemilang, tentage, I paid in installment so tak rasa sangat. Dalam masa 2 tahun tu, i pay them quarterly. Bila dec and June lebih sikit, bulan bonus.

TheCupcakePixie: The multi-coloured roses cantiknyaaaaaa!! Your bouquet is so unique!! And I really love your wedding!
Sofia, ur wedding wins. Hands down. Too gorgeous.

shaz: fei, where you buy the lacey umbrellas? too cute!!
Oh the super cantik umbrella is part of the deco from Jentayu.

ahh-tee-rah: hehe! hello Fei! stunning wedding! =) i am sure you keep thinking about that day. hehe!
Hahahahaha, still thinking and talking abt the wedding.

e follower: fei, how many hrs of photography session does one bride need for nikah and sanding eh? standard i saw so far is 10hrs. i dunno if thats enuf or not.
Yah lor, all quotations I asked for photographer semua quoted 10-12 hours.
For my case eh,  for nikah:-
Nikah at 2pm, Mak andam came at 11pm. Photographer came at 1pm. He took pictures of me getting ready, the whole nikah and after nikah that include the berinai and cousin cousins outdoor shoot. Close shop at 6pm - so total 5 hours.
Sanding photographer came at 12pm and ends at 7pm so total 7 hours. Should be enuff lah yang. Time managementis very crucial.

liz: your tentage is so murah.. from where u get? can share2?
Oh yes yes. The contractor quoted a very competitive price. I have written it here.

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