Monday, December 13, 2010

Di bawah bulan purnama

Tentage in Singapore cost a bomb. My budget killer. I've view a lot of Malaysians blog and mostly all erected gorgeous looking tentage not the normal cheopo chepo A tentage but the gorgeous gazebo dome like ones. Maybe kat sana lagi murah agaknya.

Obviously u can ask ur decor or caterer to quote, as they might have better deal, tapi Jentayu tak buat tent and Farah Diana's contractor quoted not so competitive price. So I pull up my sleeves and contacted dozens of tentage contractors. A few of my approved vendor list of contractors.

  1. Nam Hup Tables and Chair
  2. Soo Heng Tentage
  3. Chee Seng Metal Tents - Mr Heng 63873388
  4. Hup Lee Seng - 62887564
  5. Sin Zhan Pte Ltd 
  6. Hup Chung Tentage System
  7. Hup Guan & Co
  8. Hiap Yick Tables and Chair
  9. Sin Hiap Mui Pte Ltd
  10. Seng Heng Tentage
I actually have a total of 23 tentage company listed in my wedding note book (lupa nak cakap, wedding note book is very essential. Takper nanti lain hari kita discuss pasal wedding note book)

If you intend to put up tent, please ask for more than 2 quotes. The price different from one company  to another were very very vast appart. A company quote me $8K. Biar betol. I actually had the guy on the fone to repeat himself 3 time. Lagi satu $750, tapi just the steel structure without the white canvas. Dia buat kelakar ker apa? So go get ur quotes. And please do provide correct information:-
  • nak dome shape ker (mahal)
  • nak gazebo (lagi mahal)
  • nak A shape ker (this is me, yg paling murah)
  • Make sure that it includes white lining (to cover up the metal steel structure)
  • Transparent cover at the side (jadi hujan can cover)
  • the no. of lights (florescent or down light)
  • the no. of fans (the normal attached fan or the 3 blade fans)
  • correct dimension of the place/area
  • no. of guest tables
  • Additional generator (hint: suruh org tent tap illegally dari block depan ker apa, pandai pandai sembunyi, kalau takot den bo pian kena sewa generator)
To be safe, ask the person to come down on site for a site visit. Then only a more accurate quotes can be given. And please kalau sewa the standing fans from them, jgn bring it up to use at home time nikah. Mcm kawan baik I, bawak naik fan gedabak tu kat rumah, kirakan nak keep cool lah time nikah. Sekali trip. Industrial fan mana lah boleh pakai kat umah, very high voltage you noe. Nanti kena current. So be careful eh.

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Tapi tak boleh lawan tentage from this company. Punya lah hot.

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