Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Tags and Stationary

I decide to use the pink lace. Initial plan was to use the purple 'fred perry' design but sis was saying it doesnt go well with the decor. So we decide to use the sweet lace. Datin suaka sangat. But I find it too girrrrlllyy.

I get the stickers from Risin Internation Pte Ltd at a very very good deal. For the take away boxes. I actually need only 300, but they dun take in small quantity. I asked for 500 intend to paste the remaining 200 stickers at the nasi bungkus paper bag. But when I went over to the office to collect the stickers imagine my surprise that they gave me 1000 pieces for the same price I paid for 500 pieces.
1000 pieces for $50. 1 piece $0.05. 
Online they will state 500 pieces for $50 but if the size of your sticker is small they will fold it into 2. They have online template for you to choose from, ada circle, oval, rectangle, square, heart. I opt for square, hassle free, habis citer. Ni lagi 500 stickers ni mana I nak tampal? Kalau nak tampal kat envelope invitation card mcm sayang, nak tampal kat tangan ker, dahi ker, muka my anak anak sedara lagi sayang... jadi org tau budak budak yang main kat palyground tu datangnya dari orang kawin kat block situ. Macam trademark ah. Sigh dah ting tong agaknya si dekni. Tgk lah nanti mana I tampal stickers2 ni. Quality wise was good, they use glossy paper and the printing was ok. No complaint.

RISIN international Pte Ltd
TEL: 6225-0186 FAX: 6299-0506
Add: 1, Rochor Road #03-514 Rochor Centre (S) 180001

(Jurong East)
TEL: 6569-3279 FAX: 6569-1862
Add: Blk 134 Jurong East St 13
#04-307G (S)600134

The thank you tag, name card size, will be tied to the berkat. Best deal is from AcidPrint.
1000 pieces of the tag is $60. 1 piece is $0.06.
 Then pandai pandai you punch the paper sendiri to tie to the berkat. Quality wise so so. Not glossy. Just like a normal name card quality. They use 225gsm white card. Size 90mm x 54mm.

Blk 102, Yishun Ave 5, #02-121, Singapore 760102
(Chong Pang Town. Beside Chong Pang C.C. Above Shop N Save store.)
Feel free to contact us at +65 6852-9402 for a no-obligation discussion.

Opening Hours
Mon to Fri: 8.45am - 5.45pm
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday: Closed
Email Address:general enquiries: sales@acidprint.com
website: http://www.acidprint.com/

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