Monday, November 01, 2010

House of ribbons.

How I love this shop. I can browse for hours in here. The tuns left me in the shop while he lari sejab to Haji lane, 1.5 hours later, I still cant decide on the colours for the ribbons. Ribbons heaven I tell you. They are the supplier of ribbons and their price is definately cheaper as compared to far east flora, abc bargain store or spotlight, kedai yg pandai ketok duit org, tapi kita still gi sana beli benda merepek. Sigh.
They even customize ribbons. The 3 roles of big ribbons, its $6+ per role for 100 yards. 8 roles gua angkut.

The shop is right at the end of arab street, sebelah ngan Fika, depan Al-Majlis.
Kin Soon Company-House of Ribbons
36 Arab Street Singapore 1997735
Mon to Fri:   0930 - 1800
Sat:   0930 - 1700

Selamat borong ribbons!!!

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