Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Rambut cantik dan menawan

I'm left with 3 months 3 weeks and 3 days for the big day and a few more days from Hari Raya. As usual raya ritual, ader orang yang rebond rambut, ader yang highlight rambut, ader yang treatment rambut dan ader juga yang set rambut.

My rambut this year amik leave. I am not blessed with rambut lebat. I only have sejemput let hair on my big and round head. In pictures, the bald patches sungguh lah obvious. Can see the botakness? I tak sakit, cuma hereditary. Sigh have to stop eating botak jones already.
At first it bothers me so much, mcm mcm hairstyle I tried to make it less obvious, and remarks made by strangers and even close frens used to be a stab in the heart. But after years and years I managed to brush all these remarks.

Datin always make noise, 'Colour lah lagi rambut, pergi lah lagi rebond, nah ibu beli MBR, go wear?'
Huh?? I'm not against MBR, my mum used to tenye my hair with that oil when I was younger tapi skarang takkan lah nak pakai, habis lah bau satu office.

I've tried a reputable product few years back, company yg selalu advertise suruh sms, and first 50 will have free treatment. I went for 3 of their treatment which cost a bomb, but sad to say I lack of patience and fulus.
I envy looking at all these bride with gorgeous hair styles. The mak andam keep telling me, 'Dun worry lah yang, semua pakai rambut sempal' Betul ker kak? Sedap sikit hati saya dengar.
kalau i pose mcm gini, dah confirm dah can see rambut setotet let.
pictures by versari ade

Few months back, I search high and low for a magic potion that can make my hair grow full and healthy. I stumble upon this hair nourisher from drugstore.
by Mina in VA on 7/27/10
I started taking it 2 months ago, and am almost through the 120count bottle. I LOVE IT! I wanted to grow my hair out after getting a bob cut, which the lady at the salon messed up pretty bad. After much search, I found out that the Biotin, MSM and Silica in this pill is supposed to be amazing at boosting healthy hair growth. For those looking for results, I can tell you that my hair grew 1" a month. That's higher than the average rate. My hair doesn't grow fast normally.

by D in Ohio on 7/21/10
Cons: Large Pills
This works. After my second month of new meds, my hair fell out in droves. I mean A LOT! I had used this product in the past - and it worked again - after about 3-4 weeks, I noticed new growth, and when I got my hair cut yesterday, my stylist confirmed the new growth - over and over - and asked for the name of the product!

by Erin the product junkie in South Carolina on 7/11/10
Cons: Hard To Swallow
I've only been taking for 7 days so far. I can't say about any progress in terms of my hair. Usually it really does take at least 3 weeks to notice any growth, but my NAILS. WOW! I NEVER have long nails, I'm a biter and always have been. Now my nails are super duper strong, they feel like they are made of steel or something. I can only guess what continued use will do to my hair, since hair and nails are made of the same protein.

Its been a month since I took this.. I bought a bottle few months back but I dun really have the discipline to follow its trough. So now semangat kental babe, left 3 more month jer. And yes, Datin still insist that I tenyeh MBR on my head.yucks. Now I just wait for my hair to grow just like rapunzel or princess jasmine oso can. sungguh tak sabar

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