Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Card Jemputan

I've received an email on a draft sample of my invitation card. Oh please dont trust any 1st draft, jgn asal boleh OK jer. Print the draft and ask another person to assist in the vetting, dun go to the tuns. Orang lelaki jenis OK go, little little details susah mata jorang nak tangkap. Kalau big big details tak payah suruh pun mata jorang dah tangkap.

Niat di hati nak feeling feeling card mcm Martha Stewart. Niat is free but printing of card is not. So since my budget is already up to my nose, kita beli ajer at Johor. I did mine at Angsana Plaza, tingkat 4 depan Spa, Jelita Boutique. From all the sample cards, banyak Singaporean who tempah card kat situ. kalau nak buat kat larkin pun ader, a fren did his for only RM0.50

You can go bonkers with choices on invitations, ader yg simple ader yang over ader yg extravagent, ader yg made of simple paper, ader yg pakai printing paper, ader yg pakai drawing block ader yg use the hardcover. It all depends on your budget.

Personallly I thing wedding invite tak payah lah over over, card itu akan di campak di dalam tong sampah, at times tiba majlis, card dah tak tau mana selit. Only those who are close to you are likely to keep your wedding invitations because there is sentimental value to the card. Seperti payung yang akan mengframe all our cards. Betol yung?

A good fren of mine memang jenis malas nak turun naik johor did her card at golden landmark at S$0.70 She claimed that the price was reasonable for her choice of card. Another did hers at Joo Chiat, Cardlink or something at only $0.50. Her card was not bad, printing was good and they even use hot stamping for the cover. I've seen a few website on multiply that caters for wedding invite at quite an attractive price but the card tak shout, 'Here fei here, I'm your card' except for 1.

I had surveyed a few places in Malaysia. I love the postcard type and I fell in love wit this from marry me
Shipping i think roughly around RM100. tu price for shipping only. Or you can drive down to KL and pick it up at KLCC

But Datin not to fond of postcard type of card. She claimed that its not sincere. Mcm jenis postcard dapat free yang berlambak lambak dalam my cupboard tu.

Kadkawinku also provide nice cards. But what i hate about them is inconsistency.
'Percuma riben merah hati kepada 100 keping pertama.(tertakluk kepada stock)'
Then what happened to the remaining 500 cards geng?

I like card too provide nice and fresh looking cards unlike the traditional kerawang kerawang card.
A fren of Mr S had 'to die for' cantik g.i.l.a, punya card, its hard cover with ribbons and diamante, i suka suka sangat. The tuns was pretty excited and asked where he did his cards. He was a little hesitant. I told the tuns many many times orang kalau tak nak bilang tak apa, jagan paksa. Lokek tak nak share, kita jangan kawan dengan jorang. The tuns look at me and shake his head, 'Now I wonder who is the kid' Ala I kidding jer. ;p

We later found out that he did his card at Jakarta. Some cards from Indon sangat cantik cantik, and their shipping prices was quite reasonable. We especially loves the doco cards. Their website is in flash so I can save as their pictures. There are actually more websites but I could not find where the hell I dah selit the paper


There are lots of Singapore companies that also provide gorgeous gorgeous cards. Unlike the normal kerawang kerawang card. This is the 'Martha Stewart' kind of sipi sipi look alike.

Personally I love the inuboss design. Very fast to reply to email and will request their potential customer to drop by their office for more options.

other yang boleh tahan:-

These cards are alittle out of my league, and they start from S$2.50

But the most reliable design that I like with sungguh I suka sekali price is from http://thecardmaison.multiply.com/
but its a postcard card. Tsk. Datin tak suka.

So in conclusion: Niat di hati - S$2.50 X 600 = S$1,500
                          Dalm realiti - RM1.20 X 600 = RM720.00 (Beli di JB)

With the currency exchange and the extra cash, baik splurge on other item. Gi honeymoon setapak dua lagi jauh sikit ker, order cake setingkat lagi tinggi ker, atau buy that gorgeous Kate Spade Yardly bag. Kan lagi bagus. Lagi Puas.

But it is still up to individual, some might feel that the invites are the first visual their jemputan will see before their majlis and they are willing to splurge alittle more. No hal, its ur majlis, ur the boss. Just make sure that your budget runs smooth jadi tak botak di belakang hari seperti saya.  ;p

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