Saturday, September 18, 2010

I wanna be a rocking ROCKSTAR!!!

We are really fond of candid pictures. I love the idea of having a candid photo booth. Such as these.
so when I saw Huda Ali R.O.C.K.I.N.G booth I go 'You make me wanna lala!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

Totally ROCKSTAR!!!!!!!

I am so in love with this idea, and it was created by studioDua. I love love their photography. They are an expert in the old and berlapok pictures which I totally dig. Sigh... sukanya. Tapi member ni celebrity, banyak lah artist artist nak berposing posing. Fad who attended her wedding cakap nak amik gambar sampai kena line up lagi...

Kita ni saper jer, takkan nak harapkan makcik makcik pot pet I berposing mcm gini, ngan bulu bulu merah tu, macam dah lain macam jer, or contractor contractor I yang dah tua tua tu dengan jam rolex berposing ngan bini tai tai jorang or kawan kawan datin yg senior senior nurse tu or member member my dad yang dulunya samseng kampung tapi skarang dah jadi taxi driber berposing mcm celebrity diatas tu. Takperlah kirim salam ajer lah, duit simpan kasi orang makan lepas wedding lagi baik.

So for now, I'm still sticking to my poloroids guest book. But seriously, I'm totally digging the booth. I bet they had a hell lot of fun.

For those interested on the ROCKSTAR booth, details are as follows:-

The Candybox is brought to you by Studiodua Boutique Photography and Kiera Roxanne Photography.
It is a twist on the old favourite photo booth. Props and backdrops can be customised to suit your theme! Add a difference to your wedding and events. No one wants it boring!
Please contact Fandy Razak @9789 1370 or Natasha Salleh @9118 5719

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