Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Monday and go for massages

last week,
my car got scratched (my stupid fault)
and then the 'jalan raya saga'
and the endless site meeting
three report deadlines 
the stooopid argument on photoshoot
then the family thingy
among other sad and annoying things which took place
 i'm aware i shouldn't complain about
because i know people have bigger problems in the world.
but honestly, it was just a rough week.

I'm looking forward to many many things this week
 new intern, tuns pay day ;p, new workout session, 
new season of gossip girls,
jalan raya with my favorite girls this Saturday, 
jalan raya with our skool mates this Sunday 
and best of all the start of my massage session.

I recommend the bride to be to start on the facial and massage routine 3 months in advance. Unlike Mar, who need her massage on a weekly basis, I seldom need mine, I am very the geli kind of person, but I can never say NO to foot massage. 

Wayan retreat do have a package for the bride to be called the bridal bliss. Other spa that have bridal package is citra ayu and aura royalis spa.

There are alot of other spa that provide bridal package, just look around for the best one to suit your budget.

My cousin swear on the mustika ratu bridal package. Not sure if the kedai at golden landmark is still available, tapi kalau dah tak ader and kalau dah kemaruk sangat you can singgah go batam.  After massage can go shopping at matahari. hehe....

But  if you are the kind who like it ala carte, suka lulur tapi tak nak massage, suka mandi susu tapi tak nak steam bath you can try Traditional Javanese Massage hut and House of Traditional Javanese Massage and beauty care. Price very the reasonable.

Save the hotel punya spa yang cost beratus ratus dollar with the husband during honeymoon period,

so, i can't believe i'm saying this, but i'm so glad it's monday.
and a new week. a fresh start.
so very happy about this.

happy happy monday!

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