Thursday, September 30, 2010

Flower Ball

Mar went gaga over pomander balls. So before her big day in October, I tried doing a few for kak ani's engagement and Dinah's wedding, cuba cuba jer, try skill. It turns out ok, but so not worth it sebab we use lots and lots of flower. For a small ball we use it a total of 4 packets of flowers.... 4 dozens of roses!!!!!!!
Cantikkan? tapi tak muai lah yang, beli bunga berpacket packet tapi dapat satu ball ajer. The foam ball you can get it from any flower shop or far east flora. The smallest one cost around $4.50. Beli bola kecik coz nanti dah taruk flower it will look bigger. And dont forget to soak it in a pail of water overnight, so the flower can last longer.

Pretty easy to do this. Meh kita dengar si Ms Lala ni ajar... Ms Lala mulakan lesson you skarang. Thank you.

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