Friday, July 30, 2010

Lots of white, a little shades of pink, a touch of blue with lots of confetti

Its been almost a week without any post... and the stupid template is gone due to hosting issue.. tsk.. so ma fan ah..

I've got cold feets, numerous time, a fren said that it is way toooo early to get cold feet...go have more sex eh eh massage, exact words from her mouth......remind me to knock her head. Another had given me a very stern warning, pakkal warning dia via email kalau depan mata ngan mata dia yg mcm nak terkeluar... lagi seram.

The girls have confirmed on their baju, grey lace with tiffany blue lining... I noe the picture is pathetic... Mai traveled all the way to KL and snap this picture for our approval before she made the purchase. Fai would be wearing black and grey, so that will be fine.

Since we are talking abt baju, I made a mood board to see if the colour theme of makcik makcik matches the deco colour  theme.

I have been doing lots of mood boards, I find it to be very therapeutic. Saper saper yang tak nak kawin pun akan rasa mcm nak kawin...

There will be lots of white and cream with shades of pink here and there, with a touch of blue, touch of blue is suggested by Kak Mel, and lots of silver and gold.
C the board, on the left is the makciks pots pets, red sebelah bapak, green sebelah mak, brown for nenek nenek si bongkok 3, tsk, sungguh kurang ajar... I mean brown is for nek dok, nekcu, and mak long. Tak tau kenapa maklong colour brown pulak eh...
I think I have change the colour theme for abt 3,273,625 times... at first I want it to be dark and rustic, u noe like rich brown , marroon, burgundy, rich and warm, something like this.. So I belilah baju makcik makcik in brown, red and green...
Source:Perfect pallete and some other bridal website
Den tukar colour scheme lain pulak, but now I dun care liow... match ker tak match ker... asalkan all works well.

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