Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Fat Bride can be pretty

I never terpikir of wearing a dress during my wedding, kebaya labuci labuci tu adalah, tapi gown gown cantik tak ader feeling feeling nak pakai.

The tuns was really on asking me to wear a gown, bukannya apa, I takut kalau I pakai, the tuns will change his mind. I'm too fat to fit into a gown. Buat malu jer kalau pakai, skali jalan terkoyak ker apa ker...

I often viewed Versarieade website. I just love love love their baju and make up. Their baju variety tak byk, I kept seeing brides wearing the same baju over and over but all their baju really really cantik. All with high neckline with a touch of traditional. I was lepaking one day and chilling with the tuns and he mentioned in one of the album, 'kalau she can wear takkan u tak boleh?' The girl customised the baju, mestilah boleh, kalau ader duit semua boleh. He gave me the pout.

I sebenarnya segannnn lah nah nak pakai gown, tapi si tuns ni mcm dah kemarok jer... and so something have to be done. Apa lagi operation diet chateu ah...

I was reading Nona Kirana's blog. Sorry side track skit. We have the same wedding date and I found out from kak mel dat she dah chop the Kraton theme. Ceh!!! Tak per tak per, choose lain, mcm biasa lembab sangat. Ok back to Nona's, dunnoe y when I look at her she remind me of my mama... hahaha. In one of her entry on Jan 11, 2010, she wrote on her journey to battle her weight problem. I see myself when I read the entry. She start off at 90kg and the lowest she's been was 63kg. I was never an 'average' girl, I had been overweight all my life. I remember the day I start off at 72kg when I weigh myself at the clinic and the lowest I've been was 63kg, dats the lowest I've been for the past 12 years. I was 65kg during my tunang day and now the scale keep creeping up. I'm trying not to let the scale creep to 70kg, kalau tak jahanam tu weighing scale, gua baling.

I'm working hard to have a healthy lifestyle, pple may say, 'Pergi class samer jer tak ader different?' I dun care. But I feel fitter, walau pun tk byk or tak ader weight lose, but I do feel healthy, fitter and less tired.

Now dah masok june, lagi 6 bulan babe... 'YOU CAN DO IT BRUSSO?'

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