Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Aku terima nikahnya

A very good fren of mine had finally tied the knot on 23 May 2010. It was a very touching solemnisation in which all three bridesmaids were seen sniffing away with tissue, and spotted with red eyes. The groom said his akad nikah loud and clear, kuat kau sampai kat Hougang boleh dengar.

We wore beige during the nikah, suci murni and we were very comfortable. Sanding, fuh, with our glam and ketat lace kurung, and thick make up and fake lashes, in short feeling vogue lah, end of the day, eye shadow ker mana, fake eye lashes ker mana. But to summarise it all, the event was a success and the bride was gorgeous and we had a blast.

Congratulation my fren. Remember all of us will be waiting for your 'water bag burst' moment. Cheers to everlasting happiness. Insyallah.

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