Monday, January 18, 2010

Nostalgia jah!!!

Whenever, cik mok came over, I got sweaty. He loves asking on how my wedding preparation is coming along. As much as I love to discuss with a close family member, dis uncle of mine have a very strong mind of its own which may influence my daddy dearest, all due to good intention, of course.

So yesterday topic was venue. He was so so  keen on taking up Kampung Ubi CC, I swear I could see my daddy's eye sparkle with delight, mcm baru dapat ice cream Ben and Jerry. But having a wedding held in CC had never come across my mind.

"Kesin jah, bapak kau. Dia nak kat situ"
"ah ah... kalau buat kat CC semua org tau, senang nak carik, itu pun tempat aku dulu dulu, nostalgia lama, teringat aku slalu main main kat sana"
"ok set jah, besok kau gi check it out"
" yeay" followed by aidil's and ahmad's yeay

Mar's words kept ringing in my head "Wedding is a family affair"

I knew daddy dearest memang nak I hold the majlis der but to me CC is toooooo huge a place to make the affair a very meriah one. Adding on the pelamin will have to be set up on stage!!!! On stage, me, tangkap jambu atas stage??!!! its so far from the rest of the guest, nak bye bye member pun entah si member tu nampak ker tak, takkan lah nak pekik kan. Memang lah tak senonoh nah sangat.

Other factors will be the cost, the additional cost for the deco company, additional cost for the catering company. I would rather have my majlis bawah block den in CC.

Tapi ingat "Wedding is a family affair" sigh.....its ok, its daddy's request, nanti lunch time boleh check out lah, kalau ader lagi slot.

I love my daddy!!!!!

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