Friday, January 22, 2010

Bye Bye CC

A tele-conversation between Ms F and Ms Chang of Ubi CC

F: Hello, I wold like to book the hall for my wedding event on the 2 Jan
C: Huh, 2nd Jan? Now 19 Jan already.
F: Sorry, I meant for 2 Jan 2011, is the slot still avaiable?
C: Got Got, but can book only 6 mths in advance.
F: Great!!! Can I request to get the key a day earlier so that we can decorate the hall for the event.
C: Sorry Ms, we close on 1 Jan 2011.
F: Ohhhh close ah? den maybe on the 31 Dec
C: We have countdown on the 31 Dec, U take the key on the 2nd lah.
F: Count down? Got pple countdown at CC meh? Den Like dat I have to pass lah, I cant decorate on the 2nd Jan, my event starts at 11am
C: Eh can lah, we open on the 2nd Jan at 9am. You got 2 hours to decorate mah? Just nice,
F: Decorate for wedding, not for birthday party.

If Jentayu knew that they have only 2 hours to do the full decor, they will gladly refund my deposit.

Sorry lah ddady dearest, back to the initial plan.

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