Saturday, November 10, 2012


I am helping a cousin to get some decor company to quote for her upcoming wedding next year.

Wah... its been donkey years since I actually sneak around office hours to google on wedding stuffs. I dun remember how fun it was.

During my time, siang malam pagi petang check out Multiply website, skarang banyak yang dah masuk dock. Most of the link on the left no longer works, mostly now ada facebook account. Senang lah like that kan.

For deco I still prefer Kasai sayang, JSS, daundco and Jentayu.

But minah ni bilang a little last minute banyak slots have been taken up. I start reading forum yang dah berzaman I tak baca.... hehehe... mcm best pulak baca budak budak dah kalang kabut nak plan wedding ni berbual.

So this weekend, me and nyla gonna surf more on wedding deco at the balcony since the daddy monkey is on duty for the weekend. We're gonna have a girly weekend!!!!

Have a bless weekend people! MMUUUAAAHHHH

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