Friday, November 16, 2012

I'm a mummy

I wonder how these celebraties make it so effortlessly to carry their baby the way they carry their baby.

Many times I try to carry Nyla lenggang kangkong like that on my hip with heels. Every few minutes my arm would gave way den I'll swop Nyla to my left hip den another minute to my right, then on my left again, sampai lah budak tu lumur and vomit all over me. Sigh. Memang tak ada tokoh mummy cool langsung!!!!

Have a greet weekend babes!!!

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sapphire said...

nampak macam sangat ringan kan...

F.ism said...

yes. mcm effortlessly ringin. Sungguh relek rolek angkat baby. I angkat my daughter dah berpeluh peluh and lenguh tangan.

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