Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Little party

It glorious October. We had a small get together with the girls and the kunchus kunchus few weekends ago.
Just a small celebration. No cake, no cake cutting no singing of birthday song. There were party hats, party glasses, balloons, colourful decoration but with 7 kids in tow, saper nak gi layan. Satu nangis semua nangis. The mummies did not even take a single pictures together, but we manage to relase some steam and update each other sambil makan murtabak, mee goreng, pasta, shepherds pie, fruit tarts and muffins while the kids berkinja. Cerita baru nak start, dah ada yang terpekik....
Next time lah girls kita amik gambar satu group. If that is even possible.

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