Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Let off some steam

I was browsing some parenting website and stumble upon the following. Tring to follow this as close as possible, jadi tak kalang kabut sangat. Terorganise sikit hidup, tak lah bersepah sangat.
1. Plan your day the night before
Before you sleep, plan out the things that need to be done the next day. It will be easier for you to sort out your day with less stress.
Every time I want to plan my day the night before, I tertido while putting Nyla to sleep. Sigh… Tak boleh harap punya mummy! So I need to work on this. Siapkan baju dulu, pack bag kerja, siapkan barang barang utk besok. Jadi tak kalang kabut.
2. Be organized and prioritize

It’s not easy juggling two major projects with a tight deadline and going to your daughter’s dance recital as you promised while planning your husband’s 35th birthday. Prioritize your daily responsibilities. Follow your schedule and avoid missing out on your work and your family.
Oh I’ve practicing this even before Nyla was born. I carry my organizer everywhere I go. I need to be in line with my deadlines. Dah tak cukup slots I boleh selitkan lagi minor project. I need to be occupied, so most of my weekend is packs with agenda. This one, I dare say, I'm quite ok.
3. Take off your cape for a night
Yes, your kids appreciate your ‘superpowers’ but pass the responsibilities to your husbands once in awhile and go out with your girl friends. You deserve a fun time after all that stress
Oh mummy totally agree with this. Mummy totally needs this. During the initial stage, I felt bad, leaving Ny with my mum or daddy monkey while I enjoy my time with my frens. But they know that I need to let out some steam. With the daily early morning drive to and fro Simei and Hougang, cooking, laundry, house chores, a cranky baby, boleh jadi botak babe gua. But of course not all the time lah, I know my limit. Jangan melampau. Once or twice a month ok lah. That’s when I need my monthly dosage of sushi with Fai, kedai kopi gossip with nurra, coffee with mar, lepak lepak with nezah and childcare session with the ding dongs
4. Exercise
Cardiovascular workouts eases blood flow to the brain – relieving your stress and pressure. Go for a short workout everyday for 20 minutes in the morning or after work.!!!!
5. Get enough sleep
Your overly stressed body needs at least eight hours of sleep everyday. Go to bed (right after your kids do) and wake up earlier so your mornings won’t be a rush. Plus, you will have more energy to attend to your hyperactive baby.
Sigh, sometime I sleep dulu baru Nyla sleep. Dia tengok mummy dia dah pegang Iphone (she need her youtube fix of B.I.N.G.O, snow flakes, abc, every night)dah senget benget, dia tepok tepok pipi no respond, ater that she also sleep. Good girl!
6. Don’t juggle everything into one
Multi-tasking is unavoidable but don’t juggle everything at once. You might need to have a discussion with your boss, check your email and search for dinner recipes but do them one at a time. It’s takes the pressure away when you relax and organize your to-do list.
Oh I so glad that I requested for a change of site after my maternity leave. My current site rocks!! Alhamdullilah.
7. Get help from Hubby
Don’t hesitate to get help from your husband. He is supposed to be there with you through thick and thin. Get him to help with the cooking or do the laundry if your hands are tied.
This part, I have upmost respect with the daddy monkey. Toilet rumah tu, dia yang scrub. Sampah kat dapur, dia yang tolong kemas. Mirror wall kat dining dia lah yang tolong lap. Mummy lup u daddy monkey. Meh comolot sikit.
8. Rant to your girl friends
Pick up the phone and talk to your girlfriends. Tell them your day, release your frustrations and maybe plan a night out on the weekends. It takes away your stress when you have something fun to look forward to.
Thats why my daily msn chat, fb chats and whatsapp from them can make me sane.
9. Pick up a hobby
You can knit, bake, do some yoga or even play tennis. It’s healthy to distract yourself from the daily stress and take your daily routines off your head for a while.
Hobby eh.., watching E entertainment can be consider a hobby?
10. A weekend without the kids
Get your parents, your in-laws or anyone you can trust to look after your children for one night. Spend that night with your husband…on a date in town or in bed, your wish.
Oh this one is a real good one. How much we love to go out a night and spend time with our frens tapi nanti dah half hour ker one hour ker, we will look into each other 'Oh I miss Nyla' 'Me Toooooo' 'Jom lah balik!!!'. First child syndrome lah agaknya!

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