Monday, August 06, 2012

Nak dekat raya

This year raya is gonna be fabulous. Its our first raya in Parc lulu with our little family. It was mayham, its only the 10 days of puasa and I dah risau nak carik langsir, bed sheets, tempat taruk kuih, gelas cawan minum raya cantik, tempat taruk cake, ice bucket, photo frames, table runners, fake flowers, plants for the balcony, cushion cover and the list goes on, the only queastion the daddy ask 'Ini nak beli ni semua pakai duit saper?'

Aiyo, got light still want to shine. The above list can go on you know, but i control. I ransack my store for any 'useable' open house gifts. I'm glad i found a few.

I have been controlling the wallet when I shopped at  king and wong, franc franc, boleh jadi giler babe. Love sangat.

The feeling of having a place to call your own home is awesome but it also come with a huge responsibility to make it warm and cozy. Nak kena lap tingkap, lap sliding door, scrub toilet, scrub dapur, tukar alas cabinet dapur. The daddy ask 'Tukar paper cabinet buat apa? Bukan orang datang bukak cupboard' ehhhhh cannot say what right!!!

I'm trying to control this year expenditure but with a house and a baby in tow, budget ker mana barang ker mana.

Oh dun let me start on N's raya stuffs.

Happy Monday!!! We going geylang today nak carik cushion and nak makan deng deng. 6 Oclock come quick.

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