Monday, April 23, 2012

Cut hair

Overdue pictures of Baby N cukur rambut and our house warming at LuLu.
I love the marhaban group. Mendayu dayu nyayiannya. You can email me if you want their contacts. I took them for my wedding also, before nikah.
The kelapa and the bunga with the telor(mengalahkan mcm org kawin) was done by my aunt.
Baby N's daddy was so overwhelm with the whole procedure.
I was asked to carry Ny and tawaf within the circle for the makciks to cut Ny's hair and Ny's daddy was asked to carry the kelapa, member asyik tanya, 'Betol ker I buat ni?'
We were then berarak to the multi purpose hall for the 'berayun' event. Nyla was placed in the crib and Adi and I was asked to swing the crib, the daddy monkey keep shaking his head.
and he whisper.... 'Ni baru cukur rambut, kalau si nyla ni kawin macam mana agaknya...' and he shake his head sambil hayun crib anaknya.......

The food was from Farah Diana Catering, we were satisfied with their service during our wedding.

The berkat - We use our left over berkat from the wedding cuma tukar tag ajer... hehehe... for the marhaban makciks we gave Daiso umbrella, $2 jer.
We have to purchase additional berkat coz Nyla's daddy monkey invited all his Facebook friends.
I was shocked at first, sebab member cakap
'Kita buat kecik kecik ajer lah yang, alah invite semua bukannya semua datang'
Amik kau.
The sistas rush to giant to purchase bottle POKKA tea, nasib ada additional tags so we just tie the tag around the bottkle neck.

The invites

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