Monday, October 03, 2011

New Chapter

I have never been this tired. Weekend was fully packed.
Alhamdullilah we have sign all the required papers for our LuLu.
Mr S was grinning the whole paper signing process.
My head, mind and brains are embossed with money sign.
I'm a little overwhelmed, mana baby nak kelur mana rumah nak masuk.

and we bought more books for the Baby.

 Mr S keep reading the same book over and over again to the tummy. I'm sure baby is bored.

The 3 'S' birthday bash was a success, pregnant me was shouting away while executing the games for the kids to play. Longy help putting up all the decorations. Food was magnificent, I had my bbq chickens and otak otak and ikan pari and other glorious food. No pictures taken. Damn!!!

I purchased some cloths to jahit some baby stuffs. Datin have keluarkan her sewing machine and her jahit tepi machine, so selagi momentum ader, layan kan ajer.
Mr S will have to attend 2 weeks reservist for 2 weeks. So as the dutiful wife I follow him to get all the required  reservist stuffs. Mummy gonna miss u babe!!!!

and finally we bought all the baby necessities and all the basic essential. I think I'm addicted to Minyak Telon. (hehehe.... I even sapu some on my tummy... feels good u noe...)

At 32 weeks, the mask of pregnancy have appeared at the pits, neck and face. So demoralising, atok and Datin ensure that its normal. Mr S mcm biasa, same respond 'Samer jer yang muka you, takder mask mask hitam pun' Potek agaknya dia. Sajer nak jaga hati. Pandai.

Oh oh, I had my 8 months scanned last Thursday. Baby head is still below my diaphragm. The sonographer show us the baby's face. And so, we share the same chubby cheeks huh baby. And you even smile when daddy talk to you. That moment was truly precious. My love for you was developed a thousand fold.

Doctor advised to keep talking to baby and persuade baby to engage. If by the next check up baby still 'degil' den I have no choice but to select a date for the c-section.

Baby precious, listen to Mummy ok, be good and get engaged by November ok sayang. Mummy don't want the doctor to cut open Mummy's tummy. Try your best to turn, but if ur tooooo bam bam and cannot turn, Mummy will still love you. Ur my everything now, just get out safely. Till I meet u again on 20 October 2011 my sweetheart. Stay safe in there. ily.

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