Thursday, September 22, 2011


Alhamdullilah, I feel bless.
Pregnancy have been a breeze. I can still berkinja, did my inspections, work long hours at work, attended night meeting and I have submitted my maternity leave. Yahhhooooo!!!!!

Parc LuLu is coming soon *dance around* We have been asked to sign the transfer forms.
Letter of offer was signed a month ago. Probably early next year, we will have our love nest.

And for Baby's room, I so love to display books just like in the pictures. I purchase lots of story books during the library book sales and borders books sale many months back.

Mr S cakap, 'Buat berabuk jer'
But nice what right....

My next project is buat puting misai........ Hahahahaha...
Mr S was telling me 'You ni baby belum keluar you dah nk bully dia'

But cute wat!!!!!!!!
Making one for Abg Danial. Baby Luth and Baby Syayaan tak hisap puting!!!

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