Thursday, August 04, 2011

23 Weeks

Ramadan and pregnancy is going along fine. Alhamdullilah, hopefully can go through the remaining 26 days. I'm following the routine of my baby in the tummy. What time baby wake up, what time baby kick. The feeling is so overwhelming.

I am at my 23 weeks, the tummy is growing, and I'm getting heavier and the appetite is getting bigger. I'm meeting my lil rock star again this Thursday, something that I look forward to every month. My last detail check up, lil rock refuse to co-operate. I have to do my scanning for 6 times because baby just refuse to show us baby's heart and baby's position was way too low at by pubic bone. I was asked to walk around for several minutes and to come back again. I kept rubbing the tummy and talking to baby to be a good baby and listen to mummy. Mr S and Datin was with me the whole time.

 I was informed that I have only one capillary and artery connecting to the placenta. In normal pregnancy they are supposed to have 2 of each, but doctor insist that its quite normal and there is nothing to worry. I refused to get worked up. As long as baby is healthy and growing well, I am happy.

So now, I am splurging my monthly income on baby products. I can go insane, I tell you. Ingat nak jadi pengantin, I dah jadi biol, ni nak jadi parents lagi biol. Beli baju, beli seluar and I cant stop buying baby books.

Mr S said  'Beli buka banyak banyak buat apa? Baby macam I, kita tak suka baca, kita suka tengok gambar' Tsk. This Mr S ah. Geram kadang.

So lil rock star, mummy, daddy and nenek see you on Thursday. Love you sweetheart, Grow healthily!

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