Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our Little Rock Star

Oh mummy so excited!!!!
The Man had announced thru the whole world via facebook.
I tried hiding it from him when I first found out that I was pregnant.
I keep it all to my self, I was so overwhelmed.
I dunno to be happy or to be sad or to be angry or to be grateful.
My sanity was out of the window as soon as I saw the positive sign appear.
In my head, I have to say bye bye to the London trip in December, Jakarta trip in June, Phuket trip in July.
Everything happened so soon, I was just married like a few months back. I'm enjoying my freedom.
Now I can go home what ever time I want without the Datin or Datuk calling
'Mana kau jah??? Tengok dah pukul brapa?? BALIK NOW!!!!'
No more calls.

The Man realised that I have yet to get my monthly period and asked me one night before we went to bed.
'Am I gonna be a daddy, baby?'
Habis hujan, I cant control my emotion, I blamed it on the hormones.
I shoved the clearblue kit to him. I hid the thing from him for about 2 weeks. 2 weeks I hid it from him and within the next 24 hours the whole airport knew that he is gonna be a father.
He has such a big mouth.

He was in his own happy 'daddy' world and start surfing the net for baby stuffs.
I was still overwhelmed with the physical changed to my body.
My boobs have grown so big, my hip has grown, my butt, oh I can go on and on.
Fai was the first person who suspected that I was pregnant, at that time I have yet to tell a single soul including the Man and my parents.
I have to tell Mar, she was estatic. And when I decide to tell the parents, Fuh, siap sujud syukur Atok kat dapur tu jugak, Datin hari tu jugak buat bubur merah bubur putih.
They have been hoping for a cucu as soon as the kadi shake the man's hand.

That was 2.5 months back. I'm reaching my 3 months this Sunday. I went for my first pre natal check up at KK last Thursday on 12 May 2011. Dr Lee did a sonogram and at first I was  disappointed, I could not see anything except for all the black and white, mcm nak nangis 'Dr, I cant see the baby' Den the atok oso say 'Aku pun tak nampak' The doctor did some adjustment and there it is. The lil rockstar was swimming and doing 360 deg somersault and jumping and waving to us. The atok and the daddy keep waving back. I was laughing at the atok and daddy antics. The whole entourage was in awe. DR LC Lee asked if I had drank coke prior to the appointment, I said No, and she replied 'Maybe, its just active'

Baby stay strong in Mummy's Tummy ok.
Please continue swimming and somersault-ing and grow healthily in Mummy's
Everyone have high hopes for you especially atok and nenek and daddy.
Mummy will start eating healthy food and drinki milk religiously just for you.

Baby is only 11 weeks, at this stage, I know I'm not really suppose to broadcast to the world about the baby, since well, its still small. But I hope and I pray that baby will continue being healthy...
and maybe you could help pray for baby too.
 please? :)
thanks a million.
Mummy and Daddy to be

 Malem ur gonna be an uncle soon!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Insyallah, all will be fine. Dun worry. Take care and rest well.

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog while researching for wedding stuff. It's awesome and this post just increased it's awesomeness. Congratulations!! May you and baby be healthy! Insyallah :)

Anonymous said...

Amin! Congrats to u! :)

syira said...

auw, this is the sweetest post ever.
tumpang happy for u & family.
pray u & ur baby will be safe & healthy. =)

p/s: oh, kurma is good for baby's brain too.

F.ism said...

Thank you for all ur well wishes *big hug*

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