Saturday, April 16, 2011

The past few weeks

Its been almost a week I did not blog, aside from yesterday post, the husband was on night shift so I have some time for my self.
So the past weeks have been:-
  1. Hectics - Shifting around between Hougang and Simei
  2. Our Milly Miller threw tantrum and decide to disengaged the battery. I have stopped the car for like 2 minutes sebab tekak ni nak minum soya bean. Thank God for Meylo and the boys to come to our rescue
  3. Birthday bash at Kintamani for the sister, cousins and niece
  4. Arrival of all the photos, wedding day 1, day 2, day3, honeymoon, cousin bridal bash , etc
  5. Measuring our fingertips on a weekly basis to see the inai, fading away
  6. Husband skating away along the isle in ikea
  7. Checking out Angky cool studio at Central apartment facing the Singapore River and the Gmax
  8. Digging out for old poloroids
  9. Taking more poloroids
  10. Husband on stand by mode to Japan, Osaka for OAG
Have a great weekend lovelies!

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