Sunday, March 13, 2011

Honey across the moon Part 1 - Stoning and Flying High

He had always wanted a europe trip. I was never interested in Europe. Lots of sightseeing, Prince one, two, three, four, Edward 2nd, 3rd, Pope sana, Pope sini, Queen Elizabeth 1,2,3,4. Tak paham history jorang. Lots of sightseeing, less shopping.

I prefer jumping off cliffs, or bridge, bungee jumping. He said that one we can do it some other time..

So since we are taking the sub load. I had only 2 hours to pack for my 2 weeks vacation. Can you belive it 2 hours.

The same morning, while the Man confirmed and printed the ticket, I rushed to Central to book the euro rail tickets. Once back, we rushed to Simei to withdraw and change money. He packed and we rushed back to Hougang. By the time we reached Hougang it was already 6.30pm and we need to be in the airport by 9pm. Dah mengegigil gigil I packed. I just grab a whole bunch of my long sleeve, and grab my vacuum packed cold wear and dump it inside my black spidey. I'm glad I did set aside my cold wear and my beanies during the previous holiday.

First Stop Amsterdam!!!!!
Board SQ324. The husband and wife were separated for the next 13 hours. I was seated to this huge dutch guy who cant stop talking. The Man seated in front of me kept bobbing his head up and down to make sure I was ok. I kept blowing kisses to him and mouthed that I was ok. He asked me to stop talking to the man next to me and sleep. But I cannot sleep.

Day 1-Amsterdam-Schipol Airport.
We booked our hotel at the airport. I am so not a last minute person, but marrying a man who loves to 'Bidan terjun', I was left with no choice. I do have to admit I felt the thrill. He threw my itinerary away, and to trust him and trust my instinct. For once I agreed. But secretly at the back of my head, I actually try to recall what I had wrote on that piece of paper that was thrown at the airport.
We had breakfast, bought gloves, kerana kalang kabut lupa bawak, and then book a train ticket to central station. It was 4 deg, the Man was not used to cold country and so the sneezing came non stop. We walked all  the way to the hotel. We booked Westcoard Amsterdam. I was pleased with the choice of hotel. Location was awesome. It was near the dam square and all the places of interest.
H and M and that huge sale poster was just across the street. Heaven.
Next to our hotel was this vintage shop which I went gaga and almost go crazy spending my money there. Since then, the money was control strongly by the the Man, tapi dia lupa I still have my cards.
The air smelled strongly of weed. Every corner you turn, the are shops selling accessories.We spend most of out time in coffee shops.
The man was on a mission to look out for all the skate shop that are available while I was on a mission to check out their Sex Museum and the red light district. Hahahaha. My Gosh, it was really an eye opener. Sex was displayed everywhere. I had never seen kuku bert being displayed openly and willingly everywhere. I was gaga ing while the husband got sick and only wish to try the coffee shops.
I can't help it, the baby and kids vans, thrasher and spitfire were so damn cute. 
I grab a few for the next generation. Its expansive online.
Amsterdam is chock full of snacks and yummy dessert bars. Perfect munchies after flying high.

Next stop.....Parressss!

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