Thursday, February 24, 2011

Review-Caterer (Farah Diana Catering Services)

Oh its damn GOOD FOOD!!!
I received lots of raves on the food. Seriously. This was one of the items that Datin loses her beauty sleep. Takut sangat makanan tak cukup, takut sangat tukang masak buat pe'el. But alhamdullilah it went smoothly.
Food was sufficient to cater  to the overwhelming guests, all the nasi bungkus was given as promised, kendarat was very on the ball semangat berkerja. Serious, and their uniform was pleasing to the eyes.

The were very cekap and  keep the buffet table full. Always top up any food yg they noticed dah run low. The food was kept constantly HOT, bapak pengantin very particular abt nasi panas. Presentation wise they were very clean and in order.

Their live station ayam berempah, I heard was a big hit. I tak dapat jamah langsung. But I heard my sis complaint 'asyik jorang masak jer, orang amik, asyik jorang masak jer, orang amik'. They goreng the ayam from 12pm till 5pm.

Another big hit was the putu piring station. They claim its as good as the Haig Road putu piring. Pandai Mat Mat ni masal putu piring, aku yang dah berlaki ni pun tak tau masak sangat. Sama jugak, sikit pun pengantin tak dapat jamah.

The cutleries, the pingan mangkuk my mum said all was good tak ader yang retak or pecah. The flow of cups and pingan mangkuk were constant, guest tak payah tunggu for pinggan mangkuk.

The ayam berempah and the putu piring cames together in the package. Good deal right. 

Farah Diana Catering & Wedding Services
(Reg:53110177X) Hp : 9107 9792

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Jannah said...

Hi, may i know this wedding was held at a CC or a basketball court?


F.ism said...

Hi Jannah,
Mine was at basketball court.
Kat sebelah block ajer.

Anonymous said...

Hi, may i know contact number for the caterer?? I need to order putu piring for a corporate function. Do let me know soonest? thanks!

F.ism said...

Hi there,
The number is stated above.
Farah Diana Catering & Wedding Services
Hp : 9107 9792

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