Monday, February 07, 2011


Hadang..... My favourite parts

Pengantin lelaki siapkan duit packet banyak banyak.
Brides maid siapkan questions to ask and make sure the groom gave a fat ang pow... bukan mcm si laki. semua packet dia taruk $2. Mcm mana lah budak budak tu tak mengamuk. Taruklah $5 ker $10 ker.

Silat, run thickly in the family's blood. All of my sisters and all the cousins at one point in our life joint silat as a form of self defence. I stop my training once I enter poly. Dah tak ader time lah babe. Thats the reason why there are many 'hang jebats' and 'hang tuahs' during my wedding.
The uncles, stab my back and went to the groom side (as a representative to tackle all the hadangs. Bila tanya asal go to groom side my uncle replied, 'Kau tengok lah makcik makcik kau hadang, danger siol, menangis nanti laki kau'
The stabers

Kuchus kunchus and bendaharas
Hadang 1 - Smell like 'teen' spirit. Baru nak naik
Kira duit

Proceed to Hadang 2

Hadang 2 - In preparation
Hadang 2 - Front Row
Hadang 2 - Alot of the guests fell in love with hadang 2 with their weapons from toy r'us
Hadang 2 - With Chip Khadam
Hadang 2 - Imagine the kecohness
Hadang 3 - Ahh ni makcik makcik brutal ni.
Hadang 3 - Ni belum start negotiating. More makciks came over to hadang. The sis say ader makcik tak kenal pun join sekaki.
Hadang 4 - The members. Mcm mcm questions merepek jorang tanya. Hadang 4, the uncles kasi si gatal gatal tu yg tackle.
Hadang 5 - Final Hadang. Giant and mak andam berbalas pantun.


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