Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Suka suka jer

Oh i find the bride to be very pretty and her make up, cantik nah. I once said tak nak make up tebal, and the tuns ever mentioned 'Jgn make up tebal sangat eh yang, takut tak cam isteri sendiri'. Jangan nak k siaw eh.
Smoky eyes and red lips do works.
Seperti org lain akan cakap, 'eh pengantin mestilah make up mcm pengantin' The thing is I ni kuat berpeluh, and I have this irritating habit of wiping my nose or my face with my hands or on the tuns shoulder. Tapi time sanding takkan lah I nak rub muka I kat tuns punya shoulder, member pakai songket keras punya jenis, habis bercalar muka I kalau I rub kat shoulder dia. And I notice the more make up I pakai the more I rasa berpeluh, lagi rimas muka I. Sampai I order serum 'anti-berpeluh'. Tried once, mujarab lah. Ask ur mak andam. Most mak andam will provide. It called Facial Ampoules. Collagen Ampoule - For Pre Make Up and Moisturizing and Promote glowing of Skin.

Sorry terside track sikit. Oh I was talking about this bride.

Andy + Shafawati_The Actual Day(Highlight) from rizal amir khan on Vimeo.

Video by Bliss Photographer. Suka sangat. Pictures, video. Bukan I nak, ni semua I recce suka suka jer. ;p

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