Thursday, December 16, 2010

Roses are red, violets are blue, I have a fren and my fren is you!

I fetched the tuns from the airport last night. Member went for his last chillax retreat cum birthday retreat cum bachelor party. And today he is meeting alllll his other frens to pass his over due cards. Member plan yesterday, tadi pagi dah confirm.

For my case it's a total opposite, it's so difficult to plan with the girls, either not in town, busy, meeting, tender closing dan lain lain lagi. Ikutkan hati nak ajer post out their invitation card tapi ikut kepala otak, Mcm Tak baik pulak, members rapat bukannya tak rapat. Nanti kalau post out ader yg merajuk. And for me to keep asking them out sounds so desperate. So seperti kata my favorite cousin 'Sabar ajerlah jah' Kalau ikut kata datin and kak long, jorang suruh ajer post. Now I'm left with only 2 weeks to clear all the junks in my room, dah no time to lepak lepak minum kopi. Datin siang siang dah warning this week and next week dun even dream to keluar.

The tuns mentioned that, a fren should arrange a meet up with all my frens. That is what his best men did, asked him when he is free and they make the arrangement with the rest of the boys. Senangnya u cakap sayang intan Payung gunning meletop. I have different clicks of frens and mostly are tight down with issues. Another fren decide to open up a closet full of skeletons during this time when I need her moral support. A little disappointed I might say but life have to go on. I'm glad that I am very occupied, to ponder on the comments she made and like wat my favourite cousin said again and again 'Sabar ajelah jah, Kita nak buat kerja kawin memang banyak dugaan.'

Dah lah eh, its difficult to please everyone. Sabar ajelah.

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