Monday, September 27, 2010


The mak andam was shocked when I mentioned that I dont want to wear all the cucuk cucuk sanggul thingy, and she said, 'Tak boleh sayang, you kena pakai, baru naik seri' and the tuns jadi nasi tambah and added 'Bedal ajer lah yang, kalau mak andam you suruh cucuk, cucuk ajer'

Like I mentioned in previous post, I love to have flowers in the hair, a veil maybe, blings or head band or the kerawang kind at the side are also fine but definitely not a crown. I tak nak jadi the evil queen.

I love the last 2 pictures the most
Cantikkan, not so over, sweet ajer..... but when i saw the picture below, I went gaga... definately over, so ott!
Love love love the sanggul, so different from the normal sangul lintang. I like that it start from the crown of the head instead of from the forehead, that will only emphasis my round face dan terselah kejendolan I. But when I tried it own the tuns just cant stop laughing. I really feel like an antlers and its so bloordy heavy. Baik jangan pakai. Confirm with the hot weather and the rimas baju, silap hari bulan, ader jugak orang yang akan kena rodok ngan tu sanggul, easy target is the person that will be sitting next to me on the pelamin. Kirim salam lah.

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Puteri Mona Roziana said...

But, i like it... So different

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