Thursday, September 16, 2010

The berkat and Chinese take away boxes rocks!

I still find chinese take away boxes rocks!!! They are so stylo and you can place anything in them from telor asin, Hershey nuggets, Hershey kisses, Ferrero rocher, among other things.

Kalau you intend to place chocolates in them, go get it from Walson. They are chocolate supplier, much much cheaper than sheng shiong and Mustafa centre. For telor asin, sorry I tak ader lubang for cheap rates. Tapi try pasar geylang or this pasar at bedok yg jual jual telor.

For the take away boxes themselves, if you intend to buy in big bulk I suggest you get some quotation from Ordering them from China are so much cheaper. 
A company quoted me the following:-

1 no of take away boxes - USD 0.24 per piece so convert to SGD 0.34. 
Shipping for 1000 pieces via UPS - USD 70 so convert to SGD 99.40
So on average 1 box will cost you SGD 0.4394
The only disadvantage is that you have to fold the paper box and place the metal handle urself.

Tapi kalau you all dun trust all this China product, takut tak sampai ker, takut hilang di laut ker, takut sesat diudara ker you can order your boxes at divinefavours

They are charging the black take away boxes for SGD0.55 inclusive of personalized stickers
Their service is tip top, fast to reply to enquries and with a charge they will send the item right up to your door steps. Plus point, ALL the boxes have been folded siap ngan handle skali. Easy breezy, tinggal nak taruk barang jer. You can also order stickers from them. Just choose your choice of pattern and they will customize it for you

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