Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ya allah bukakan lah pintu rezeki ku. Amin

My dad mentioned numerous time that tuhan will bukakan pintu rahmat and rezeki kepada sesiapa yg berusaha untuk berumah and the tangga.

I dare declare myself that I'm broke. Super broke. Papa kedana. Mungkin ada yang akan cakap, 'Eh dun say like dat... tak baik' I dun want to put it that way tapi dah memang macam gitu keadaannya.

I was chatting with Mar and she mentioned that she only shop at this Fashion. For the past few months I've selled away dozens of my shoes, clothes and bags online just to have extra bucks, eh $10 pun jadi u noe, lepas duit top up ezlink.

I cant complaint this to Datin aka the mother, she will confirm say, 'Pergi holiday lagi, pergi lah Bali, Phuket, Bangkok, London, Canada, Australia, Arab, China, India' start ah, entah negeri apa jer semua dia start sebut. Aiya, still single mah, make full use of it. Its a total new experience to go on a trip with ur friends you know. The feelings is exhilarating, jumping off train, taking a boot, taking a bus to no where. It was definitely fun. Skarang zaman sudah berlalu..... people can say you can do it with your husband what... I doubt so. I actually encouraged my sisters to travel as much as possible while they're still young and do not have much responsiblity. Tapi beli time nak kawin pandai pandai lah eh dik.

On the other hand, the tuns rezeki has been melimpah ruah, despite forking half of the catering cost, duit hantaran and paying for majority of the wedding items due to lack of sponsorship, he still have spare cash to splurge for the SLASH concert and the SINGFEAST. I can only gigit jari listening at him humming to smashing pumpkin. He swore that he did send my kisses to tbhe vines and the 30 second from mars.

As, I am typing this, he and his mates are on their way back to Singapore from their road trip gig playing at Malacca, KL and Kajang...

Bukan main enjoy lagi eh yang u... takper enjoy puas puas dulu, bulan 1 next year... u nak mcm gini lagi.. jaga u.

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