Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Mid Year


I've finalized on my berkat. Deposit paid. Delivery will be in November 2010. I will need all the manpower in the world to help tie the ribbons and include the tag.

Mum dearest had passed all the 24 tepung tawar berkat to me. I have placed them in the box (box beli kat bangkok, $0.15 jer, murahkan, tau beli satu kotak) tinggal nak wrap and include the white, red and black tag.

Mummy yam, my aunty, will be sponsoring my nikah berkat. The dad insist on an old skool berkat, u noe glass, bunga, pulut kuning and the red telor. Very old skool right, I made a face when he proposed dat.

I bought additional 300 boxes, incase tak cukup. Tau lah org og senior, suka sangat kasi berkat berlebih lebihan.

I am done with the designing of the tagging and the stickers, tinggal nak print jer. Tunggu duit GST ah July baru go order.

Ok now, berkat dah settle.

Meeting the Jentayu people on 5 July 2010 to finalise on the theme and colour. Hati berkenan kat Kraton, tapi dah ader org chop, Tsk. Takder rezeki.

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