Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Dinah Jadi Mother Hen - Hen's Party

It was a blast, despite hiccups here and there and payung needs to rush to save Baby D, alhamdullilah everything turns out well. Even without taboo, twister, jengga, scrabble and all the board games as planned, we still manage to rock Las Vegas Blvd. hahaha, mcm real jer. Lets the picture do all the talking.

Welcome to Las Vegas Blvd-925
My ever trusted disco ball
Interested? can email me. ;p
Favours for us, the hen.
Favours for the rooster.
Choco dickies.
 Oh yes, the roosters were forced to drink from these straws.
dia memang suker pakai crown crown ni...

Well Dinah, ur finally getting hitched, and we hope you enjoy urself as much as we do, 22 and 23 May... bring it on
and ftrom us,  we love u... muaaahh

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Anonymous said...

love y'all to0. mmmmuuuaahhh!

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