Saturday, April 03, 2010

Zoot suit riot‏

I love love love holiday. I took leave on Wed sampai lah sekarang. Sungguh seronok.
The whole day on Thursday was spent sourcing for wedding stuffs. As adviced from Far and Zab, we went jalan jalan carik cincin, and asking for their product code. A few blings had caught my eyes. There were some sale going on, 30% off, 40% off 50% off, the tuns was so on to get it. Lekas lekas beli, lekas lekas settle, but I takut nampak lagi lawa..... so I tell tuns to relek first. He gave me till June to make up my mind. Bila eh great Singapore sale?
We source for photoshoot outfit. We're engaging Fatboy and Ratnor for our event and photoshoot photographer. This move save us lots of money. I'm not really cerewet on the gambar, kalau it turn out ok, alhamdullilah, if it turn out bad, siap kau boy... No lah, I actually prefer candid and natural looking gambar, expectation not so high on the photographer. A  fren actually commented, 'Amik professional photographer lah, its once in a lifetime event' Seriously girl, that is secondary for me. But I do like the works by Azmi, tapi biasa lah, no more slots.
The tuns die die nak pakai top hat, we found this cool looking top hat at Marina. Dah macam magician pulak. Asalkan kau happy lah bang...

He keeps insisting for me to wear the bird cage veil, all this was from the hair band I wore before. He says the veil adds a sense of mystery with a touch of sexiness, sexiness kepala hotak dia... oppsss sorry bakal jadi husband... cakap kena beralas... We manage to find a hat with an attached veil from Far East. He was totally digging it, cuma I still dun really get it. I brought the sis the next day to the shop with the tuns, she confirm that veil was a perfect match with the top hat. I only bought it when the sis swear that I look fab in it.... muuuaahhhhaha

Found really nice suit from Dan Stevenson tapi takder size, sayang, Dan Stevenson suit was really cool and within our budget. We couldnt found any tail coat, and we're sure that will cost us a bomb. So the next best thing was to get the Domanchi Suit, slightly steeper than Dan Stevenson, but the tuns dah berkenan, kaup ajer lah.

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