Tuesday, March 02, 2010

How to live with a man and loving it

In less than a year I'll be staying and living with a MAN not a MALE cat but an actual MAN.
My mum casually said to me during one lazy sunday afternoon, to clear a few space in my wardrobe, so that the tuns can place his baju baju, we will be staying with my parents after the wedding.

 I F.R.E.A.K OUT!!!!!

Meleh leleh air mata, time I clear some of  my baju from the wardrobe. All the unwanted baju have been neatly packed. The tuns will have 2 shelves for him to put his craps. The remaining 4 doors and half will still be mine.

I am not use to sharing. Dun get me wrong I am not the pelokek kind of person, I always try my very best to share what ever I have, be it material or other stuffs that I can help and share, I'll go all out.

But I do get pissed if someone enter my private space, my private area. My room have been a place where I get my solace, where I get my peace, I share everything with my room, the room and me, we have a special bond that no one understand.

Dun even let me start if the tuns turn out to be a loud snorer or a very kempro person who threw his used baju or towel, just like me,  habis jahanam.

I stumble upon this book in the library yesterday. Dia ni pun mcm tau tau jer. A little creepy, I might add. When I met the tuns yesterday and show him the book, he gave me this annoying face like, 'Yessssaaaa!!!!'

From my 1 day reading thru it, conclusion was still very the cliche. The main point to live happily with a man is to compromise and just enjoy the ride...... ;p

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