Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mr S cousin kawin

Fetch the tuns from work, and off to his cousin's wedding.

They're did a combined wedding at this multi purpose hall at Hougang Ave 8. The hall was huge. Perfect for combined wedding. Good location, ada playground to distract the kids, very windy, ada fitness corner, saper yg dah terlebih makan nasi minyak boleh lah exercise sejab kat fitness corner, ada garden garden kat tepi, pengantin sempat buat outdoor shoot kat situ sejab.

The caterer was SMS. Food was ok, full of flavour, cuma lauk dia tak panas sangat and the kendarat tak on the ball, maybe becoz banyak sangat orang, so jorang lost focus. ;p Tapi fish fillet dia, acar buah dia and the fish ball sambal works ah.

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