Wednesday, December 23, 2009


To me, food can boost or bust the majlis.

Good food = Happy people
Happy people = Majlis Meriah
Majlis Meriah = Banyak org datang
Banyak org datang = Parents happy
Parents happy = Pengantin lagiiiiiiii happy

So to me food is very important. Now a lot of catering company out there that gives additional or bonus food and counter to attract customer, ader kasi ice cream counter lah, putu piring counter lah, chocolate fondue lah, dessert counter lah, satay live station lah dan bermacam macam lagi.

I am really interested with Maria le caterer tapi biasalah lembab sangat, date org dah kebas, and another company that my cousin engaged food was good tapi yg attracts me the most was the kendarat, all very on the balls, cepat dan cekap and all eye candy lah ok. Cute, mengeletis anak anak sedara !, budak budak 16 -17 nak extra cash beli PSP agaknya, so weekend jadilah kendarat.

Catering company will also provide the following:-

1. Khemah

2. tempat solat

3. Toilet

4. org rewang

5. pencuci pinggan mangkok

6. kendarat

7. free 100 nasi bungkus

8. pinggan, cawan, sudu garfu, mangkok, piring etc

9. Kerusi, Meja round / meja square

So here a list of caterers for u all to check out:-

1. Maria Le Caterer

2. Puteri wedding services

3. Pu3 wedding services

4. Istana

5. Farah Diana Catering Services

6. Fauzana Catering services

7. Smr

8. Sutra Biru

9. Siti Mayang Sari

10. Wajah Khalimah

Will add on me if I remember the name of the eye candy kendarat company.

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