Tuesday, December 08, 2009


On leave today, all the walking at Jalan carik kain streets had done a massive damage to my leg muscle and the stamina. My whole body was aching. Mcm lari marathon pulak.

So since tak kerja and malas nak update report. I had surf some websites for berkats. I am still clueless on what berkats to kasi. And since it’ll be from my own pocket, I wanted something that I want, and not what I think my mother or my aunties would want. I want something practical yet tasteful, something chic yet tradition, something cheap wold be an added bonus.

I was surfing around some kakak kakak kawin blogs when I saw this, Yasin dan doa doa.jatuh cinta lah babe. Perfect. Just need to do a little more research.

Initial plans were to give botol coke tapi nanti dah macam sama macam a certain cousin. Later people say got no originality pulak. But it was nice, you know the coke bottle or the pokka teas. You wrap it with organza. Voila. Cheap oso. Or if you want to save cost just tie a ribbon at the bottle neck.

Next plan nak kasi Pringles. That potato chips in the bottle. Yg pendek punyak. I had managed to get quite a good deal from the whole saler. Good price. But one of my aunty say tak halal. So once mum heard tak halal, plan kena reject. Walson quoted quite ok price for ferrero, toblerone and some other brands.

Mum intend to kasi tuala. Practical yes, but a tad common but still nice.

Edible berkats are also nice to look at esp the cupcakes and the macaroons.
Or you can buy nice looking boxes like these and put kisses or chocolate nuggets in them. Check out sgweddingfavours.

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First Time Mum said...

babe, how about a personalized chocolate bar like i did for my anniversary??? - Payung

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