Monday, December 14, 2009

Another one down

The tuns was given the honour to be the bestman for his bestfren's wedding. Truthfully, I was worried sick for his task, si elvan ni pun satu suruh si tuns ni jadi bestman, dekni bukan pandai sangat cakap, I takut jer sebab kalau dia nervous, he will stuter a little. But alhamdullilah everything went smoothly, he chocked during one of the hadang but he managed to pull it true. Proud of u baby.

We followed the bride and the groom to their photoshoot. This was where all the fun started. Sambil menyelam minum air. Kalau korang paham lah iye. FYI, mak andam dia pun sekaki.

Now you know what I meant by menyelam sambil minum air...... ;p

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