Monday, November 23, 2009

One down

Nezah's wedding went oh so smoothly despite the last minute planning.

Nikah at the mosque was very ringkas, attended by close family members and good frens. She looks radiance, seri pengantin. Was late for the sanding, but managed to get a glimpse of her, she did managed to mouthed to me 'tunggu aku', so there i was waiting for the bride and the groom to balik at 5.30 with the tuns in tow with his work overall and a strong smell of bau minyak kapal terbang.

Company was greet and the food was good. Senang jer dia plan, tak cerewet, no food tasting, no dis no dat. Ringkas and it turns out good. Execellent I might say.

Mar cake yg dia presentkan looks good. plus the tiramisu looks very yummy.

She recommended this website that is really really good. i'm surfing it tonight.

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